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Book introduction

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My First Step to Korean, Wa-geul Book1

Core Features
  1. Learn vowels and consonants separately by acquiring them through words. 

  2. Learn letters and vocabulary at the same time.

  3. Learn Korean letters as if playing quiz games.

  4. Learn the sounds of letters and listen for them in words. 

  5. Acquire Hanguel listening, reading and writing skills simultaneously.

  6. If you follow the learning flow, you’ll acquire the skills naturally and quickly. 

  7. You do not learn by memorizing the phonological combination of letters or the structural principle of the letter system. Instead, you learn by matching the shape of each letter and the characteristics of its sound.

  8. Through repeated exposure, you will learn the letters and sounds. 

  9. You can download the MP3 and learn anytime by listening to it. 

  10. A penmanship section has been added as an appendix to practice writing.

'Wa-geul' means this.

listening, reading and writing

The Korean word ‘와(wa)’ is the same as the English word ‘wow’.

The Korean word ‘글(geul)’ is from ‘Hangeul.’

You can easily learn through these methods

listening, reading and writing

By visually recognizing syllables and words

By checking letters with sounds

By listening, reading, and writing

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